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UK’s First Sake Brewery on the Way

Buying Sake online usually involves relying on suppliers to ship the popular rice wine all the way from Japan, but this will soon change. The brewery has been approved for the Dojima Sake Brewery and it will be located at Fordham Abbey Estate in Cambridgeshire. It is the first UK facility for brewing sake and will take approximately nine months to build.

A five-year investment of £9m has made the new brewery possible and it is an exciting development and shows just how popular sake is becoming in the UK. The brewery plans to make 10,000 bottles in its first year of operation and there is the chance that sake may become even more popular and readily available.

The site of the brewery received an official, traditional Jichinsai ceremony in November, to bless and purify the building site before laying the foundations. It is a traditional Shinto celebration and involved both the Japanese ambassador to the UK, His Excellency Koji Tsuruoka and the local communities including the local MP.

The project was unanimously approved by the local East Cambridgeshire District Council and should create jobs in the local area as well as raising the UK profile of Sake.

Visit the UK Dojima Sake Brewery

The making of sake is an entirely unique process which is how it gets its distinct flavour, as well as due to its ingredients. The brewery itself will be accompanied by a visitors’ centre once it is built. This will give many visitors the chance to find out more about sake, the process used to produce it and the many different types of this special Japanese rice wine.

We have discussed the many different characteristics before in previous blogs and if you’re looking to find a new sake to try or want to buy sake online for the first time our guide to finding the perfect bottle to suit your tastes is a great place to start.