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Bodegas Borsao

Based in the D.O. of Campo de Borja, Bodegas Borsao has been going since 1958 when the cooperative of Borja first began. They are now made up of 375 winegrowers, and their success has been marked by much international recognition and prestige. Bodegas Borsao strive to preserve all the unique and subtle characteristics of the grapes coming in from all their vineyards. This means that, whatever price level you go for with one of their bottles, you can be sure that it will offer a rich, fruity character, body and roundness. They are able to keep the fruit so packed full of flavour by having an impressive capacity for 1 million frigories.

Skilled use of oak

They are clever with each level of their wine-making process. For example, oak is used with caution and care so as to add complexity to the wines without overwhelming them with its rich presence. They utilise different styles of oak to give subtle accents to their wines. This might might be by using oak of different origins, different ages and different sizes, all skillfully put to use to round up the expression of their finished products.

Raising the Garnacha standard

Bodegas Borsao are one of the great champions and leaders of the current Spanish Garnacha revival. People are coming to it once more in their droves, thanks to its fruity character, soft tannins and its smooth, easy feel in the mouth. Bodegas Borsao did not just set out to go along with the standard Garnacha which was out there, but rather to set a new standard. Have a taste of the Garnacha that we have in stock from Bodegas Borsao and you will be glad that it has been preserved so well in the Aragón area, given the vast uprooting of the grape in the 80s and 90s in Spain.

Campo de Borja

But it is not just red that they produce, as our range will show. Whether you opt for a red, white or rosé wine from Bodegas Borsao, you will feel the benefits of these wines being produced in the Campo de Borja area. It is a region widely revered for the structural and aromatic network of flavours its rich and nuanced diversity of soils and microclimates gives its wines.


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