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Bodegas Altolandon

Bodegas Altolandon is found in 120 acres of beautiful land to the north west of Valencia in Spain. This area of land sits 1,100 metres above sea level, and as such there is a great range between day and night temperatures. This diurnal range has been proven to help grapes ripen in a more even way.

In other words, the warmer temperatures in the day help encourage sugar development, whilst the cooler temperatures at night help the grapes to retain their freshness and vibrancy in terms of acidity and aroma.

Natural winemaking

Bodegas Altolandon make the most of these conditions by making sure the fruit quality is at its best. This is done by using only natural and organic methods. They are always looking to achieve that ultimate combination of purity and complexity. This duality runs through every stage of their wine making process. For instance, they limit the amount of intervention in the vinifying process, using native yeasts in so doing. The high quality of fruit is respected all the way to the finish line, with the wines being aged in French oak or clay amphora, both of which work to keep the taste fresh and pure, whilst enhancing the natural complexity.

Healthy soil, delicious fruits

This is organic wine made in the freshest and most natural of ways. Up there in the high hills, the air quality is very good. Plus, there are no pesticides used, and the soil fertility of their land is kept at a high level thanks to the use of only natural fertilisers. They even have separate soil types across their vineyard with which they pair the grapes that most thrive in each given condition. Since wine, after all, comes from the grape, it makes sense that the emphasis should be put on how to grow grapes which are as healthy and vibrant as possible, in an environment that is brimming with life.

Delicious whites and reds

The natural approach and the beautiful conditions would not mean as much if the wine was not exquisite. So we are happy to say that Bodegas Altolandon consistently produce some fabulous wines. The area which they are blessed to be situated in is able to grow grape varieties such as Bobal, Malbec, Garnacha (the Spanish equivalent for Grenache) and more. This being so, their range of wines is always full of many stunning options, from elegant apricot whites to deep cherry reds.

Bodegas Altolandon, Blanco, 2016 (Case) Bodegas Altolandon, Blanco, 2016 (Case)
Per Bottle: £14.33
Available to order
An intense golden colour, lemon zest and grapefruit greet the nose with elements of toasted bread, butter and nuts. The palate is greasy but balanced with fresh fruit, acidity and in perfect harmony with the well integrated oak and alcohol.
Bodegas Altolandon, Doña Leo, 2018 (Case) Bodegas Altolandon, Doña Leo, 2018 (Case)
Per Bottle: £12.67
Available to order
Close to golden in colour, the floral nose leads into white flowers, roses and orange peel. The palate is nicely structured for a dry muscat, with more herbs and a pleasant bitterness on the finish. Excellent acidity and freshness with a clean finish.
Bodegas Altolandon, Enblanco de Altolandon, 2019 (Case) Bodegas Altolandon, Enblanco de Altolandon, 2019 (Case)
Per Bottle: £11.08
Available to order
A very pale orange pink colour, the nose is elegant with sweet aromas of stone fruits, mineral and anise, supported by apricot, mirabelle plum and citrus notes. Full and well rounded on the palate, with plenty of weight, yet still elegant, lively and light in body. Easy to drink.
Bodegas Altolandon, Mil Historias Bobal, 2019 Bodegas Altolandon, Mil Historias Bobal, 2019
12 in stock
A deep cherry colour with violet tints. Nose is intense with aromas of ripe red seasonal fruit (cherries, blackberries, blackcurrant), subtle hints of violets, rosemary and a touch of black pepper. This Bobal shows distinctive power, vibrant fruit, freshness with soft and ripe tannin. It is spicy and juicy with a well rounded palate with a fascinating crunchy-fruit freshness. The finish is gently…
Bodegas Altolandon, Mil Historias Garnacha, 2018 (Case) Bodegas Altolandon, Mil Historias Garnacha, 2018 (Case)
Per Bottle: £11.08
Available to order
Intense and bright picota cherry colour. The nose is clean and intense, lots of black fruits, candy and floral notes. A medley of plum, strawberry, black cherry and black currant with undertones of white pepper, earthy notes, and a very pleasant balsamic end with a hint of sweetness. This is elegant, crisp with mineral undertones and notes of rosemary and cedar that emerge as the wine evolves � no…
Bodegas Altolandon, Mil Historias Malbec, 2018 (Case) Bodegas Altolandon, Mil Historias Malbec, 2018 (Case)
Per Bottle: £11.08
Available to order
Bright ruby to dark purple in colour, it promises plenty of power.The nose is complex with powerful aromas of blackberry and blueberry with, rose, rosemary, violets and floral notes as well as a hint of spice. The palate is nicely concentrated and with fine tannis. The flavours of blueberry, plum and blackberry are big, with hints of bittersweet cocoa and a subtle stimulating flavour of mint and v…
Bodegas Altolandon, Rosalia Garnacha, 2015 (Case) Bodegas Altolandon, Rosalia Garnacha, 2015 (Case)
Per Bottle: £20.33
Available to order
Vivid picota cherry red in colour, the nose is clean, with lots of mature red fruit, candy fruit, floral notes and a delicious balsamic end. Agile in the mouth with grippy and ripe tannins and pleasing fresh acidity.


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