Most of us consider rum a crystal clear mixture popped into a glass of cola or a darker, spiced version of the same thing, once again enjoyed with cola, ginger or a little lime. Rum is of course much more than this, with the vast range of different rums covering everything from hot, burning overproofs to spicy golden hued offerings and of course, those crystal clear mixing rums.

The range available at The Fine Wine Company has been selected to provide something for everyone with a mixture of white, dark and spiced rums from several reputable producers including Captain Morgan’s, Bacardi, Appleton Estate and Mount Gay.

The most popular and enjoyable rums are sourced in the Caribbean and Cuba, with the flavours unique to the islands they come from and often mixed with other ingredients to create a long-lasting, enjoyable spirit, much loved by sailors travelling with the merchant navy and other import and export ships.

The rums of Barbados are known for their fragrance and complexity whilst Jamaican rums are known for being a spicy bunch. For something a little lighter and smooth try a Cuban rum and if you’re not sure, you can always ask for advice from The Fine Wine Company team.

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Showing 133–144 of 188 results