Malt Whisky

One of Scotland’s oldest and proudest exports, single malt whisky is a truly decadent and enjoyable drink which has enjoyed international acclaim since only the 1980s. Alongside the range of Scottish single malts available at The Fine Wine Company we also have a fine range of blended malts to ensure every palate and budget is catered for.

There are approximately 90 operating malt whisky distilleries in Scotland, across the regions and all producing their own range of exceptional offerings of different ages. The malt whisky currently on the market also includes bottles from distilleries which have long closed.

The base ingredients of the malt whisky are simply, malted barley, yeast and water but it’s the way they’re treated by each individual distillery which creates the flavours they are known best for. Many different elements go into the creation of the individual character of a malt whisky, including the length of fermentation, the size and type of stills used in distillation and the amount of the spirit that ‘makes the cut.’

The Fine Wine Company have sourced a wide range of different malts from you to choose from. Our range of bottles ensures you can find a special gift or a bottle for your own drinks cabinet to your liking.

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Showing 13–24 of 142 results