A complex and characterful spirit, cognac has been renowned as the finest grape-based sprit for over three centuries. The fruitiness, subtlety of flavour and intensity, amongst other characteristics, is what makes cognac so memorable and more interestingly, such a wide range of different flavours and types are available, mainly from a single grape type.

The Fine Wine Company work tirelessly to source a range of exceptional cognacs from France. Our range is indicative of many different types of cognacs and aims to satisfy every palate.

Cognac is mainly produced in the towns of Cognac and Jarnac, around 50 miles north of Bordeaux. There are around 6000 grape growers in the Cognac region, producing a wide range of wines which, though not great for drinking, are absolutely perfect for distillation and turning into cognac.

Cognac is split into a number of categories, dependent on the time it has spent ageing. VS Cognac contains eaux-de-vie a minimum of two years old, VSOP is at least four years old and XO, Napoléon, Extra and Hors D’Age varieties much be a minimum of six years old.

Different cognacs can be enjoyed in different ways, with VS Cognacs best enjoyed a long drinks, VSOPs wonderful both mixed and neat and XO offerings simply perfect when enjoyed alone. The range we’ve brought together at The Fine Wine Company represents a good range of quality cognacs.

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Showing 25–36 of 37 results