There is something distinguished about a good brandy. Brandy is a hugely popular spirit which offers up its own unique flavour in every bottle.

Brandy isn’t necessarily a drink for novices but this doesn’t mean you can’t look out for your first bottle and see whether it’s a flavour that takes your fancy. Its name is taken from the Dutch word brandewijn which translates as brandywine and has a meaning of ‘burnt wine’ and it has this name because it is made, in a way, from wine which has been cooked and heated.

Brandy is a distilled spirit made usually from wine or grapes, although technically any sugar-based liquid can be used to make it.

There are many different types of brandy from different places around the world including cognac, Armagnac, brandy de Jerez, eaux-de-vie, apple brandy, piso and calvados, to name just a few and we endeavour to stock a good range of different brandies of the various types to ensure that you can find a flavour which suits your palate.

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Showing 13–24 of 27 results