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Spotlight on Tannat

A little less known than other red wines, Tannat has a history linked to a tiny village in South West France called Madiran. It’s a strong and full bodied option which is sometimes likened to Malbec but it has a personality and flavour all of its own. Tannat is traditionally French as mentioned, but there are newer offerings, especially from Uruguay, which are becoming increasingly popular.

The Flavour of Tannat

Tannat has a rich fruity flavour, with red and black fruit blending beautifully in good offerings. It also has the tang and depth of black liquorice with coffee notes, some vanilla and even a touch of fragrant cardamom and similar spices. Wines which have had more oak aging will have a spicier flavour. Some Tannats are rich in tannins while others can be lighter too.

French Tannat vs Uruguayan Tannat

As you’d expect the flavours of French and Uruguayan Tannat differ due to the different in climate, soil and production methods. Traditional French Tannat from around Madiran typically has a stronger red fruit flavour with rich, powerful tannins and raspberry flavours coming through particularly strong.

As a newer and with more inventiveness possible due to less stringent AOC requirements, Uruguayan Tannat wines are softer and less stringently tannic. Elegant black fruits dominate the flavour with blackberry, cherries and plums often easy to pick out. Creativity and playfulness stand out as characteristics of Uruguayan Tannat.

Choosing Tannat

At The Fine Wine Company we have a range of different Tannat wines to choose from. Our Tannat wines include examples from Argentina, Italy and even Brazil. We also have examples of Uruguayan Tannat and traditional Madiran Tannat too.

Many Merlot lovers are now enjoying a Tannat or two as well as their favourite red and with the choice of different producers, flavours and regions, there may be a Tannat for you too.

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Five Fresh Roses to Try this Summer

Nothing says summer like a tasty and fresh rose and at The Fine Wine Company we have a wide range of roses to choose from. Our range covers different regions, flavours and here we’re looking at five wines which could be perfect for a summer picnic, garden party or barbecue.


1.    A Mano Rosato 2015
Versatile and fresh, ideal to pair with any summer meal or snack, this A Mano Rosato 2015 is ripe and full of vibrant flavour. It goes with everything and it’s a combination of 75% primitivo and 25% aleatico grapes. It has soft blackberry notes as well as ripe peach and tropical flavours. There’s a tropical edge to the flavour and it doesn’t matter what you pair it with, you’ll find it highly drinkable.


2.    La Maglia Rosa Pinot Grigio Blush 2014
Remarkable because of its soft pink hues, this Rosa Pinot Grigio from La Maglia has both fresh fruity and aromatic floral flavours.  It is produced in the Veneto region of Italy and the slightly floral notes make it more interesting and a little different to your average rose. It’s perfect for a spritzer with a little soda or sparkling water.


3.    Wandering Bear Rose 2015
This fresh Wandering Bear Rose is produced in the Western Cape or South Africa. A rich blend of different fruity notes is brought together in a bright juicy combination. You will enjoy touches of raspberry and refreshing watermelon alongside sweet raspberry and the boldness of black cherry.  Despite the mixture of different fruity notes this Wandering Bear Rose is still light on the palate and wonderfully refreshing.


4.    Chateau d’Astros Rose Cotes De Provence 2015
With the traditional and classic flavours of a Provence rose, this Rose Cotes de Provence from Chateau d’Astros brings together a blend of many different grape varietals. It combines Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Syrah and it has a rich salmon-pink hue with great balance. Juicy berries combine with citrus fruit flavours and there’s a dryness to the flavour which makes it a little less sweet than many other roses.


5.    Chateau Leoube Rose de Leoube 2015
A pale and attractive orange-pink rose, this Rose de Leoube is lively in flavour and combines citrus, orchard and fresh berry flavours. A combination of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre varietals come together in this fresh summer wine. You will enjoy the flavours of citrus fruits, pears and the pop of fresh cherries and berries.


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