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With over 1,000 years history behind it, Vodka is one of those drinks that may appear simple but is anything but. Both Russia and Poland claim to be the original home of vodka and it is true both countries create a vast range of vodkas for us to enjoy. Scandinavia too is known for the quality of its vodkas, giving customers plenty of choice when looking for a favourite.

Vodka is categorised by its pureness and it is purity which is the most important factor for many producers when creating their spirits. At The Fine Wine Company we offer a range of vodkas from different producers including Stolichnaya and Absolut, to ensure you have a choice of different types to decide between. You may already have a favourite vodka or you may be on the lookout for it and our range is designed to help you find the one for you. The flavour of a traditional vodka is highly dependent on the raw ingredients in its makeup. Most vodkas are made from fermented grains, often wheat or rye whilst others include sugar molasses and potatoes. Any ingredient which has a high sugar-liquid content is prime for creating a quality vodka. Traditionally vodka is consumed as a chilled shot and in its native countries it is always kept in the freezer. Of course there are many different and modern ways of drinking vodka, often in cocktails and simply mixed into soft drinks and fruit juices.

Belvedere, Vodka 70cl Bottle Belvedere, Vodka 70cl Bottle
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The first super-premium vodka, made in Poland using a combination of column & copper pot stills.
Bistro Vodka, 70cl Bottle Bistro Vodka, 70cl Bottle
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Spiritique over in France brings you Bistro Vodka, named in honour of the wonderful simplicity and craftsmanship of a Parisian bistrot. As the story goes, in 1814 the Russians in Paris weren't allowed to drink in pubs. When they asked for a quick drink - quick in Russian sounding kind of like "bistro" - they were served vodka, and this led to the Parisian bistrot being born. The Bistro Vodka you s…
Brochan, Oat Vodka, 70cl Bottle Brochan, Oat Vodka, 70cl Bottle
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Bringing together Scottish oats and Cairngorm mountain spring water, Brochan Vodka creates an amazingly smooth and creamy experience. Oats have fallen out of favour in distilling, as they are classically difficult to work with, but with this 100% British vodka the effort has paid off in the honey nut, toasted oat, and gentle spice flavours that blend into the creamy body of the spirit.
Grey Goose, Vodka, 70cl Bottle Grey Goose, Vodka, 70cl Bottle
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High-flying French ultra-premium wheat vodka, with elegant floral aromas & subtle citrus note.
Isle of Wight Distillery, Mermaid Vodka, 5cl Bottle Isle of Wight Distillery, Mermaid Vodka, 5cl Bottle
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Inspired by the Isle of Wight�s fresh sea air, and that hint of saltiness on your lips after a day spent out on the water. Mermaid Salt Vodka is a grain distilled vodka, with a subtle addition of rock sea salt for smoothness. Each batch is handcrafted using a column still and then blended with Isle of Wight spring water in small batches.


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