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Chimay, Bleu Grande Reserve Magnum Chimay, Bleu Grande Reserve Magnum
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A very big (but not the biggest) bottle of Chimay's Grand Reserve - these 1.5 L Magnums come in delightful silk-printed bottles. The Grande Reserve also known as Chimay Blue is their strongest brew at 9% and although originally designed as a winter special has become a pillar of their range and is now drunk throughout the year. Complex, spicy rich in aroma and pairing well with cheese, this Magnum…
Chimay, Bleu, 330ml Chimay, Bleu, 330ml
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One of the best beers in the world, this deep, rich ale has a powerful nose of dried fruit and hints of spice, a complex rounded palate, and a long evolving finish with hints of port and dark berry fruit.
Chimay, Red, 330ml Chimay, Red, 330ml
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Chimays standard house ale, but dont be fooled, this is far from ordinary. A wonderful coppery ale, with hints of redcurrant fruit and a soft malty palate, and hints of hop dryness in the finish.
Chimay, White, 300ml Chimay, White, 300ml
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Wonderful pale, peachy ale, with plenty of hop dryness to keep the alcohol in check. The finish is spicy, with a hint of mouthwatering acidity, and very moreish
Delirium, Gift Pack 4 x 330ml & Glass Delirium, Gift Pack 4 x 330ml & Glass
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Delirium Tremens is a strong, golden and complex pale ale. 4 x 33cl Delirium Tremens (8.5%) plus Glass
Delirium, Nocturum, 300ml Delirium, Nocturum, 300ml
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Dark brown-red with a compact white-yellow, stable and lacing head.�Touches of caramel, mocha and chocolate aromas, with spices such as liquorice and coriander are also present. A soft mouthfeel leads to an increasing bitterness, partially from the hop, but also from the roasted malt and chocolate malt. A nice balance between bitterness, sour and sweet.
Delirium, Tremens, 300ml Delirium, Tremens, 300ml
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Powerful blonde ale, with slightly sweet malt on the tongue and a complex, dry aromatic hop finish
Duvel, 330ml Duvel, 330ml
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The King of Beers. Strong golden ale, traditionally poured with a big rocky head. Lots of complex aromas (malt, pear drops, peppery hops) and a clean, well-structured finish
Duvel, Degustation Gift Pack 2 x 330ml Duvel, Degustation Gift Pack 2 x 330ml
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4 x 330ml + Glass Brewed with Pilsner malt and white sugar, hopped with Saazand StyrianGoldings, Duvelmay look like a lager, but it is in fact a top fermented beer. Light in body with a fruity dry aroma. The dry but still alcohol sweet flavour makes the beer an excellent thirst quencher with a pronounced hop aroma and a good balance with subtle bitterness.
Gulden Draak, 330ml Gulden Draak, 330ml
24 in stock
A stonishingly full-bodied, dark powerful ale, packed full of well-balanced flavour, with a persistent fruitiness in the finish. One to drink sitting down
Houblon Chouffe, 330ml Houblon Chouffe, 330ml
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Houblon Chouffe, is flavoured by three different typed of hops. This India Pale is appreciated for its pronounced bitterness combined with the fruity tones of trsitional Achouffe beers.
Jupiler, Pils Alcohol Free, 25cl Jupiler, Pils Alcohol Free, 25cl
7 in stock
Easy drinking and malty, low alcohol Belgian pils.
Kwak Gift Pack 4 x 330ml & Glass Kwak Gift Pack 4 x 330ml & Glass
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4 x 330ml Kwak+ Glass A full-bodied Belgian Specialty Ale. Amber in colour with beautiful foam and a slightly sweet, seductive malt character. A rich, satisfying Belgian experience.
Kwak, 330ml Kwak, 330ml
13 in stock
Fabulous coppery Belgian ale, hints of liquorice and leather on the nose, a full, slightly sweet palate and a long sotly spicy finish.
La Chouffe, Blonde, 330ml La Chouffe, Blonde, 330ml
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Excellent bottle-conditioned blonde ale from a small farmhouse brewery. Strong and fruity, with a hint of dry spice
La Chouffe, Gift Pack 4 x 330ml La Chouffe, Gift Pack 4 x 330ml
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4 x 330ml + Glass (2 x 330ml La Chouffe, 2 x 330ml Mc Chouffe) LA CHOUFFE (8% ABV) From the small village Achouffein the Ardennes this is a micro brewery success story. What is a chouffe? A red hatted, long-bearded gnome that�s a part of local folklore. This is a yellow-golden ale. Strong and spicy with coriander, it�s immensely drinkable and full of character, lightly hoppy, with evolving taste.…
La Chouffe, Nice Chouffe, 330ml La Chouffe, Nice Chouffe, 330ml
19 in stock
N�IceCHOUFFE is a strong, brown beer that will warm you in the depths of winter. Spicy (thyme and cura�ao) and tinged with hops, this is a very balanced beer. It is unfilteredand has a secondary fermentation in the bottle.
Leffe, Gift Pack 4 x 250ml & Glasses Leffe, Gift Pack 4 x 250ml & Glasses
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In this pack you'll find four 250ml bottles of Leffe Varieties and a traditional Leffe Challice glass - the perfect beery gift! This pack contains: 2 x 250ml Leffe Blonde 1 x 250ml Leffe Brune 1 x 250ml Leffe Ruby 1 x Leffe Challice Glass
Lindemans, Cuvee Rene Kriek, 750ml Lindemans, Cuvee Rene Kriek, 750ml
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Lindemans Oude Kriek Cuvee Rene is an authentic fruity and sour lambic beer. It is made by adding fresh cherries to half-young lambic, after which the lambic continues to ferment for 8-12 more months in oak barrels.
Lindemans, Cuvee Rene, 375ml Lindemans, Cuvee Rene, 375ml
9 in stock
Routinely judged as one of the best gueuzes in the world, Lindeman�s Cuv�e Ren� is�without a doubt�the queen of gueuzes. A blend of old and young lambics matures in large oak barrels and then undergoes a secondary fermentation in champagne bottles to achieve a dry finish with an effervescent carbonation.
Orval, 330ml Orval, 330ml
15 in stock
The only beer brewed by the Trappist order at Orval, but a classic. Deep orangey colour, earthy, hoppy nose with hints of citrus and spice, rich, slightly peppery palate, and a long, drying finish
Timmermans Peche, 330ml Timmermans Peche, 330ml
11 in stock
Timmermans P�che is made by adding 100% natural peach flavouring to lambic fermenting in oak barrels. This beer�s characteristic aroma is very pleasant on the nose, and it has a velvety flavour and a creamy foam. Timmermans P�che is a fruity drink, very easy on the palate, to be drunk with a smile on one�s lips.
Timmermans, Framboise, 330ml Timmermans, Framboise, 330ml
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Timmermans Framboise is made by adding 100% natural raspberry flavouring to lambic. After a period of maturation in oak barrels, the beer turns a delicate shade of pink that is sure to delight you. Framboise Timmermans is a beer to be sampled with finesse and elegance.
Timmermans, Kriek, 330ml Timmermans, Kriek, 330ml
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Timmermans Kriek is brewed by adding natural juice to lambic beer, a blend that is then fermented in oak barrels. After which it is bottled. Timmermans Kriek blends its famed lambic with this sweetness for a beer that can quench any thirst. Its natural freshness will make you blush for joy.


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