Finest Festive Booze

Finest Festive Booze – The Drinks you need for Christmas.

Christmas Dinner is the main event of the big day but matching the right wines for your dinner can truly make it memorable. Planning and preparation is key to getting every element right and special wines must be on the cards for such a special day of the year. Here we’ve put together a little general guidance on choosing your wines and then some recommendations of the perfect options for your dinner.
Tips for Choosing the Right Wines
Here are some key factors to keep in mind when choosing your wines:

Match the weight of your food to your wine, full-bodied wines are the perfect complement to rich, indulgent foods


Match the intensity of flavour of your food and wine and consider the fruit character of the wine (pinot noir is a perfect partner to duck for example)


Match or complement the acidity of the food and wine, with high-acid wines working wonderfully with fattier foods


Avoid pairing tannic wines with salty foods

Very textured foods like fatty duck and chewy steak work best with high-tannic wines


Christmas Day Wines
There are many different moments at which only a wonderful wine will do throughout Christmas day. From champagnes to striking sparkling reds, starting the day with fizz is almost a necessity. Red wine is a must for Christmas Day, with rioja always going down well, alongside a more extravagant Gigondas if you’re looking to offer an enjoyable second red option.
If you’re opting for a fish or seafood starter than Chablis or slightly oaked Chardonnay are wonderful options whilst richer starters of pate or meats are beautiful alongside a Pinot Gris from Alsace.  Turkey, much like duck, is perfectly partnered with many reds, with pinot noir working beautifully, the delicate fruit flavours bringing out the quality of the meat and the sharpness of the cranberries. Alternatively, a classic beef roast is wonderfully complimented by a mature Claret or Bordeaux.
The dessert course calls for yet more quality wine, whether you bring out the port or stick to lighter offerings. Fruit based puddings are perfectly paired with a German Riesling whilst chocolate desserts really do deserve a classic tawny port alongside them.
With these suggestions you should have plenty of ideas to stock up your wine racks and ensure you have a glass for every possible occasion. Plan your menu alongside your wine list and you can be sure you will not be disappointed when festive celebrations begin.