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Enjoying Summer Wine the Right Way

Summer is the season when even some non-wine drinkers partake in a glass or two. It is certainly the best time of year for enjoying a bottle or two, but how do you really get the most of your summer wine? Here we’re looking at how to truly enjoy a summer wine.

Keep it Light

Lighter wines, both red and white, are perfect for a relaxing summer drink, both indoors and out. Choose light whites like Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling or if you prefer reds opt for a Beaujolais or Dolcetto. Syrah and Zinfandel are also great choices, perfect if you’re enjoying barbecue food because they are heavier than your average summer wine.

Opt for Low Alcohol Options

Alcohol is processed much more quickly by the body in the hotter months, due to that heat, and this can result in it “going to your head” much more quickly. What’s more it can also negatively effect the flavour as the wine heats up a little in the sun. An overbearing alcohol flavour is never enjoyable so opting for lower alcohol wines is definitely recommended. Sparkling wines and roses are much more popular in summer, in part due to this lower alcohol content.

Cool the Wine Down

A spritz of lemonade or a refreshing wine cooler is a very summery way to enjoy your favourite drink. A spritzer can massively quench your thirst while also capturing your favourite flavours. There are hundreds of wine cooler and spritzer recipes out there and you can experiment and make your own too. Using a wine with an acidic, lighter character is recommended over oaked or heavy wines, as they blend better with your chosen mixers.

Buying your wine online for a summer garden party or simply to stock up for the season allows you to experiment with a range of different types and styles. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or not, summer time wine is an absolute must.

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Lesser Known Wine Regions to Visit This Summer

If you’re planning a wine-led getaway this summer, there are many hot spots which people usually head to. However, if you’re looking for something a little different and to experience new and interesting flavours and winery styles, consider one of these lesser known wine regions for your wine adventure this summer:

Valle D’Aosta, Italy

A beautiful and adventurous location for your summer break, Valle D’Aosta has breath-taking peaks to scale as well as wonderful wines to sample. It’s one of Italy’s hidden gems and features its own unique culture, with both Italian and French as official languages in the region, alongside the local dialect known as Valdôtain. The Valle d’Aosta wine trail gives you the chance to try unique local varities such as Fumin, as well as more popular Italian and French wines like Nebbiolo and Arvine.

Istria, Croatia

A quiet and secluded peninsula, right next to the Adriatic Sea, Istria is just minutes from Italy and a chance to explore a unique and up and coming wine region. Croatian wine continues to attract more attention and you experience the unique culture and landscape of Istria, you can also try some truly unique wines. Enjoy local flavours made from grape varietals such as Teran and Malvazja. The beautiful atmosphere, scenery and wine combine to create a wonderful holiday experience.

Südsteiermark, Austria

Südsteiermark offers all the beauty and views of the Italian countryside in the heart of Austria. It has bene described as the Tuscany of Austria which makes it a wonderful choice for a break dedicated to enjoying the countryside and the finer things in life. Südsteiermark is known as one of the best regions for producing Sauvignon Blanc but you can also enjoy local and fresh varietal wines such as Muskateller and Morillon.

These are just three examples of lesser known wine regions you may want to consider this summer, especially if you’re looking for something a little different for your summer getaway.