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Spotlight on Tannat

A little less known than other red wines, Tannat has a history linked to a tiny village in South West France called Madiran. It’s a strong and full bodied option which is sometimes likened to Malbec but it has a personality and flavour all of its own. Tannat is traditionally French as mentioned, but there are newer offerings, especially from Uruguay, which are becoming increasingly popular.

The Flavour of Tannat

Tannat has a rich fruity flavour, with red and black fruit blending beautifully in good offerings. It also has the tang and depth of black liquorice with coffee notes, some vanilla and even a touch of fragrant cardamom and similar spices. Wines which have had more oak aging will have a spicier flavour. Some Tannats are rich in tannins while others can be lighter too.

French Tannat vs Uruguayan Tannat

As you’d expect the flavours of French and Uruguayan Tannat differ due to the different in climate, soil and production methods. Traditional French Tannat from around Madiran typically has a stronger red fruit flavour with rich, powerful tannins and raspberry flavours coming through particularly strong.

As a newer and with more inventiveness possible due to less stringent AOC requirements, Uruguayan Tannat wines are softer and less stringently tannic. Elegant black fruits dominate the flavour with blackberry, cherries and plums often easy to pick out. Creativity and playfulness stand out as characteristics of Uruguayan Tannat.

Choosing Tannat

At The Fine Wine Company we have a range of different Tannat wines to choose from. Our Tannat wines include examples from Argentina, Italy and even Brazil. We also have examples of Uruguayan Tannat and traditional Madiran Tannat too.

Many Merlot lovers are now enjoying a Tannat or two as well as their favourite red and with the choice of different producers, flavours and regions, there may be a Tannat for you too.

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Tips for Choosing the Wines for your Wedding

Many people have their wedding fully catered without the need to make too many decisions, but wine fans may want to take some of this into their own hands. With Royal Wedding fever upon us, you may not be able to rival the range offered at the royal occasion, but you can certainly take control of what you plan to offer and ensure your favourites are included. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Think about Volume

How much wine do you actually need? This may seem like a strange question, but you need to make sure you don’t go overboard. Buying wine online for your wedding reception ensures you can get a good deal on cases and as a rough guide, experts recommend you cater for half a bottle per guest.

Think about the Season

Winter Weddings don’t have to be all about red wine, but warmer full bodied flavours are a great choice. A rich Chardonnay can be a perfect addition to Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon in the winter. Summer Weddings call for fresher, younger flavours with Chablis and Sauvignon Blanc particularly popular. Remember the Wedding Breakfast is usually at lunch time so lighter options are often recommended then.

Think about your Toast

The wine for your toast should be something special. However, you shouldn’t feel bound by tradition so if Champagne isn’t your thing, look at other sparkling wines. There’s nothing wrong with a Prosecco or Cava if these are flavours you prefer.

Think about You

Of course, you want to cater to your friends and family but what do you like? It’s your special day and everyone is coming to celebrate your wedding. They will enjoy the whole experience regardless so throwing in a couple of your favourites certainly won’t hurt.

The right wines for your special day can help the whole event feel even more special. Spend a little time choosing what you really want, and it is bound to go down well.