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5 Sauvignon Blancs to try

Sauvignon blanc is a green-skinned grape which originates from Bordeaux but is now grown by winemakers around the world, to create classic, vibrant and unique Sauvignon Blanc wines. It is a wine which is characterised by a crisp and dry flavour which is both refreshing and easily drinkable. Dependent on the growing region and the methods of the makers Sauvignon Blanc can be sweet and tropical or fresh and almost grassy in flavour. Here we’re looking at five Fine Wine Company Sauvignons that don’t disappoint.


La Place, Sauvignon Blanc IGP Cotes de Gascogne, 2014Bottle | Case
La Place is a classic French Sauvignon which is zesty and fresh in flavour, with light vibrant notes of just picked gooseberries and a hint of that tropical sweetness just mentioned. The unoaked palate keeps the flavour fresh and light and it is a wonderful wine to enjoy with white meats and fish.


Umbrele, Sauvignon Blance, 2015Bottle | Case
Grown in the shadows of the Carpathian Mountains, Umbrele Sauvignon Blanc is a wonderful example of Romanian wine can offer. This is another example of a light and zesty Sauvignon which is packed full of youthful character and refreshing citrus notes. There is also that sweet tropical edge to the wine.



The Frost Pocket, Sauvignon Blanc, 2014Bottle | Case
With those classic Sauvignon notes of freshly picked gooseberries and tropical sweetness balanced in perfect harmony the Frost Pocket is a fine example of Sauvignon done well. Produced in New Zealand where Sauvignon Blanc is one of their most popular and loved wines, The Frost Pocket is deservedly commended.


Tarquino, Sauvignon Blanc, 2013Bottle | Case (2014)
Tarquino is an Argentinian Sauvignon grown in the ever popular Mendoza region of the country. Vibrant acidity cuts through the sweetness of this wine with a refreshing bite and alongside those classic tropical notes you will also pick up peach, ripe grapefruit and a freshly cut grass aroma.


Greywacke, Wild Sauvignon Blanc, 2013Bottle | Case
Another offering from New Zealand but one that is a little different to others on our list, Greywacke is an alternatively styled Sauvignon which has the fresh flavours of apricot jam and lime marmalade mixed in alongside a doughy richness laced with tarragon. The palate is rich in juicy, ripe fruit and it ends with that crisp grapefruit note which you find in other Sauvignons. The depth and complexity of flavour in this wine makes it stand out as a little different from your average Sauvignon.