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New to the UK – 2 Australian Reds

The Fine Wine Company is very pleased to be bringing you two Barossa Valley reds that are completely new to the UK.


The Barossa Valley, just outside Adelaide is perhaps the New World’s best known wine region, rivalled only by California’s Napa Valley in terms of popularity and productivity. The wines are held in high esteem by wine collectors and connoisseurs enjoying the flavours of this part of Australia.


The Barossa was first established in the 19th century by German immigrants and it is most famous for its bold, vibrant reds. It is synonymous with that big red wine flavour where style matches substance and the Shiraz and Grenache grape varietals reign supreme. The Eden Valley area of Barossa though is known for its quality Riesling but it’s those reds that are truly memorable.


Henschke, Hill Of Grace 2010

One of the most esteemed Barossa Valley wines of recent years has been the Henschke Hill of Grace, whose 2010 vintage is particularly special. Henschke Hill of Grace is renowned as Australia’s most prestigious single vineyard wine and the family wine makers in the Henschke family are exceptionally proud of their full-bodied Shiraz.

Deep crimson in colour, Hill of Grace 2010 is a tempting balance of sweetness and spice, with red and black fruits, berries and complex notes of tar all mixed together. The tannins in this wine come through strongly without taking over and it’s certainly a premium offering which stands up to its price tag.


Glaetzer Amon-Ra 2012

The Glaetzer family of wine makers have been producing their exceptional wines since the late 19th century and the company remains in the family, with a commitment to full-bodied flavourful Shiraz driving the company forward.


Amon-Ra 2012 has been named after the Ancient Egyptian god who is believed to have planted the first ever vineyard to produce wines for the citizens of his temple. With a legend behind it this wine stands out for its strong full-bodied effect on the palate. It has undertones of warming oak as well as rich coffee notes, stone and back fruit flavours and the combination delivers a multi-layered palate which is vibrant, fresh and warming.


The Barossa Valley is a wine region which delivers strength and flavour in a way which has helped it stand out in the New World but also as a wine region in general, with its vibrantly complex reds standing up well against the traditional flavours of France and Italy.