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The World’s Most Expensive Wines

There are some wines out there which have reached such levels of esteem and rarity that their value seems out of this world. Wine collectors are not known for opening and drinking their hugely expensive bottles but they do become stars within their cellar and there are many wines which sell for thousands of pounds every year, here we’re looking at just a few.


A 1985 bottle of Richebourg Grand Cru from Burgundy was found at the top of the most recent annual list of most expensive wines, with a huge £9,806 price tag attached. The wine was a creation of Henri Jayer, known as one of the most important Burgundy winemakers of his era and his passing in 2006 means his wines have gone up even further in value.


Described as the ‘perfect Burgundy’ by many, Romanee-Conti Grand Cru is made with at least 85% pinot noir grapes and bottles of this velvety smooth offering are priced at £8,310 a bottle and it’s one for very special occasions, if ever uncorked at all.


Another Henri Jayer offering, this wine is produced in a very specialised 2.5-acre site and is another Burgundy, described as full-bodied, rich and is has become highly sought after. The last vintage of this wine, in 2001, is extremely rare and will command as much as £4,894 per bottle.


A surprise German entry and the highest priced German wine in the world, it’s a Riesling produced with care on the banks of the Moselle in the Rheingau vineyard. The 2010 vintage of this particular Riesling received a 100 out of 100 rating by wine critics and is valued at £4,577 per bottle.


Another white wine and another French offering, this Grand Cru has gained its value due to being produced on the famed Puligny-Montrachet estate and the unique method by which the growing cycles are organised – taking into account the phases of the moon and the planet’s position. It is made using the classic Chardonnay grape and it is said to have a toasted, smoky and acid-rich favour. A bottle of this wine is valued at £3,716.

Now obviously there are reasons for these wines being as expensive as they are but there are plenty of alternatives that are full of flavourful and ultimately, you can enjoy them without thinking about the price! In terms of burgundies we could suggest our Domaine Lucien Boillot, Volnay 1er Cru Les Brouillards, 2009 and in terms of Riesling you could sample our Axel Pauly, Riesling Kabinett, 2012 and there are plenty of French Chardonnays in our range too, including the Escale, Chardonnay, 2014. Whilst the world’s most expensive wines are nice to observe from afar, a wine that you can drink and enjoy on a daily basis is much more preferable.