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Through the wine glass – Germany

The wines of Germany have been sold and enjoyed for centuries and their vast vineyards and wineries make for a wonderful wine tourist’s holiday. The flavours cannot be argued with and the expansive range of wines suit a variety of different budgets
German White Wines

The white wines of Germany are the most fruitful. White wine grape varietals account for around 63% of the whole of the planted area in Germany and there are many different varieties. Of course Riesling stands out above all other varietals a the benchmark German grape which is used for producing semi-sweet and sweet sparkling wines as well as regular sweet wines. Müller-Thurgau is an alternative grape to Riesling that growers have been more interested in using as it offers a higher yield than Riesling and is the primary ingredient in the commercially popular Liebfraumilch. Other grape varietals regularly used in the creation of sweet and flavourful German white wines include Silvaner, Kernerand Bacchus although these are all in much smaller quantities than the first two mentioned. Gewürztraminer has been growing in popularity too.
German Red Wines

Though in the minority there are still some sterling red wines produced in Germany. Red wine grape varietals make up 37% of all grape plantations across the German growing area but there has been a trend in trying to increase this and give the red wines of Germany further change to flourish. The leading German grape varietal is Spätburgunder more commonly known as Pinot Noir and the growth of this grape and its popularity has led to German Spätburgunder being appreciated as an equal to its Riesling. A newer grape varietal popular in Germany is the Dornfelder which is easy to grow and produces tannin rich wines which had always been difficult to produce naturally in Germany previously.
German wine may not have prestige of French wines or the trendiness of the New World but the flavours are there so don’t miss out by not giving them a try. Check out The Fine Wine Company’s range of German whites and German reds.